Monday, January 19, 2009

The Furlong Collective Presents: The Top Quotes of 2008!

Simon Smith
(upon nearly missing a car that was joining the motorway):
"Filthy minx of a slip road. She knew what she was doing."

Andrew Hockey
(during a visit at my workplace, after a strange silence)
"Sorry, I've made a smell. It's quite bad."

Simon Smith
(down the pub, indignantly)
"My crotch has been quite popular in it's time!"

Andrew Hockey
(god knows)
"There's nothing like mining a Badger's semen."

(upon receiving a vodka and coke at t'pub)
"That's a lotta lemon for your money!"

(self explanatory)
"I'm never happier then when I'm watching Showgirls."

(dismissing an annoying man at t'pub)
"I think you should take the penny, you need all the luck you can get."

Andrew Hockey
(again... who knows)
"You leave my pants out of this!"


Blogger Jennie-Dee said...

I was dreading reading this, but I am very proud of all my contributions to the list, and I still stand by all of them!

5:35 AM  
Blogger Jer said...

Hi there,

Never met ya (funny blog b.t.w.), but I do know Jennie from the mists of time, or Ringwood Comp. as it's known.

Of anyone I went to school with, the only one I ever scratched my head about and wondered where they were, it was her.

Perhaps I could prevail on you to pass on this hello.

thanks a lot, and see ya round.


12:37 PM  

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