Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Albums Of The Year: Also-Rans

It's that time again! The festive season where I force my musical views and tastes onto all of the no people who read this blog!

Another annoyingly good year for music. Outstanding, even. The also-rans, in no particular order, are...

Sigur Ros - 'With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly'
So, so close to making the top 5, especially after seeing them play a storming gig 2 weeks ago. But it was between this and another band who play largely instrumental music, and they just pipped it. Worth owning for the glorious, 8-minute long 'Ara Batur' alone.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - 'With Blasphemy So Heartfelt'
A simply gorgeous album, with beauty laced in every track, only omitted as it's such a recent discovery I don't know it as well as others. But a major talent to keep an eye on.

Tom McRae - 'Live 2007'
One of my favourite artists, and I can also say I was in attendance at one of the performances included in this mix of his 2007 European tour. The odd thing, and the reason it's an also-ran, is that having been at one of the gigs I found the choices of tracks here a little disappointing.

Los Campesinos - 'We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed'
The second record in a year (it's a record, people! NOT an album!) from the post-punk, folky young upstarts of the Family Campesinos was blistering and packed full of ace tunes. Although not an official follow-up to January's debut album (that was an album, this is just a RECORD, got it?!) it was still good enough to make the Top 5, except... well, maybe they'll be making an appearance there anyway...

Bloc Party - 'Intimacy'
After a stonking debut, many felt The Bloc stumbled on their second album 'A Weekend In The City'. I didn't, I thought it was mega. But now, after the knob-twiddling grandness of the single 'Flux', they seem to have found their calling as today's jangly pop-punk techno gods with this third album. Part Chemical Brothers, part The Clash. And their decision to rush-release it, only announced 2 days before it was available, simply because they were bored makes them aces in my book.

Now on to the Top 5!...


Blogger Jon said...

It begins again. Now, I have finally decided on my final line-up, I am free to properly comment on your choice musings, if not muse on your choices.

Ooh, unexpected: a live album and an album by someone I've never heard of. Who be this Jessica Lea Mayfield? Her name sounds like she should be rubbish, but I am trusting you for that not to be the case. I will have to check... her... out!

Sigur Ros - very good choice, I think I may know who pipped them to the top 5, though. Bloc Party - yes. Los Camp!- Yes! Though I still prefer their 1st one & can't quite bring myself to put them in the list twice.

Next! Oh it's already there.

1:42 PM  

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