Sunday, December 27, 2009

Albums Of The Year 2009 - No.4!

It might be a predictable choice, as I usually always put the newest Matthew Good release in my top 5. And as he's my favourite recording artist, this probably won't change as long as he's putting out records of this quality. But I should state first, this album's ranking at #4 (the lowest I've ever placed a Matt Good record) is in no way a reflection on it's comparative quality, more a comment on the standard of the albums yet to come in the list.

2007's 'Hospital Music' was a landmark record for Matt. Marking the end of a dark period, and the start of a new beginning, it was a sublime piece of work. But even a huge fan like me can recognise it was a sometimes challenging and stripped-down album. 'Vancouver' is a return to form of classic status from the 'Avalanche' era. Big, epic, stadium-sized anthems abound, and Good's voice has never been in better form.

Equal parts a love and hate letter to his long-term home city, 'Vancouver' is uplifting, damning, but more than either of these, sees Good easily at the top of his craft. The man is such a naturally gifted songwriter, that when he's as inspired as he clearly was in the process of making this album, the end result feels so effortless and enjoyable.


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Bloody hell, give me a chance. Nice choice. My first should be up sometime soon after Avatar, hopefully

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