Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cautionary Tales For The Brave

Well, James has cut his hair! My entire universe has been thrown into a descent of chaos by this simple act. I have never KNOWN James without long hair, and now it's shorter than mine! He hates it, I actually think it's quite spiffy (this entire thread is useless if you don't know James, but it's my blog and no one reads it anyway, so get over it).

My freind Meegee recently blogged that she hates "indie beards" and now I'm paranoid that my laziness has produced a beard worthy of her hatred. See, but I've been lazy and hirsute so long that I've grown fond of my face-blanket, so now I'm all conflicted. And, as a side note, I know it's stupid to worry about what other people may think of you (which it is, by the way, kids), but Meegee is a chick of some awesome style and coolness that... well, her opinion counts, let's leave it at that.

Went to see Mew play the other week - absolutely astonishing! And got turned onto their support band, Pure Reason Revolution, who are possibly my fave new band. As luck would have it, people, both these bands have new records out, so go pick them up (I'd also like to point out that the legend that is Neil Young also has a new album out, so what are you doing sat reading this? Go shopping!!!).

Big things happening soon with Alphino. Major changes afoot, and allllll good! Watch this space, kids, all zero of you out there. Speaking of Zero, forgot how amazing the Smashing Pumpkins were, been getting into them again recently.

Ahh well, if anyone happens to read this then why not say "howdy pardner"? Go on, you'll feel sooooo good about yourself.

Love and peace xxxx