Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Certain Trigger

Well our show at The Joiners with Neileo on bass was, I would venture, an orgasmic success. Can't remember the last time I had so much fun on stage, just that feeling of not knowing how a song would go when we started playing it.... terrifying, yet more alive than I've felt in months. And we sold out of CDs, so thank you if you bought one.

Maybe that's the direction we should take from now on? We've been so concerned with putting on the perfect show it's almost refreshing to know this could go tits-up at any point. Dunno. Do you prefer a well-practised show where the songs are almost spotless, or is it better to just not know how the band will perform?

But it was an odd night. First time in 2 years playing onstage without my best friend Gus. Just felt strange. But I take off my hat, throw it in the air and then burn it for Mr Neileo, who only had a total of 4 hours tops to learn our set. Man, that dude can rock!

2 albums you must buy this month:
Matthew Good - 'In A Coma'
LimbLifter - 'I/O'

Trust me you NEED these albums! And you can get them both from

Till next time, peace and love everyone, look after each other.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

C'mon Chameleon

And so it is. Boscombe festy was a pretty damn awesome show, despite technical probs with an amp, so mucho thankees to anyone that attended. And was also our last show with Gus, which left a bittersweet aftertaste, if you know what I mean? But apologies for all the mosquitos, I swear the hungry little blighters drained everyone I know!

And so we now find ourselves with a ton of shows to play, and no one to play bass. You'd think this might daunt us - no sir!!!! The marvellous Neileo from Little Green has indeed agreed to fill on for the next few shows - find out the results at The Joiners on 16th!

Ooh! And also saw Sleater Kinney at Camden Koko on friday... man they were amazing! And so were The Research who supported - you must check them out! And then it all went wrong because too much alcohol was ingested! Messy messy ride home!

I'm re-discovering bands I loved in the 90's and never seemed to go anywhere. Anyone remember Longpigs, Jocasta or Whipping Boy? Who was your favourite 90's band that seems to have vanished? xxxx