Friday, April 14, 2006

Wax Ecstatic

Hello everyone! A few things I've learned this last couple of weeks:

1) Never mix beer and spirits. Trust me you will regret it the following day.

2) Being on the cusp of turning 27 is more scary than you'd think.

3) I am somehow unable to sing properly during the daytime. It seems my voice only starts working at about 5pm.

Yes, the vocals on the album have begun. And after a tricky first few hours (and many hot honey & lemon drinks) of my voice warming up, we finally got some good takes down. I have also learned that I am an idiot, as for some reason I keep on writing vocal melodies that are incredibly hard to sing. I'm not aware of this when I do it, yet I keep doing it regardless.

Despite this the album is shaping up beautifully, especially with James' harmonies now laid down. Favourite outtake from his vocal sessions: 3 seconds before his singing part - "I don't know what I'm gonna sing yet!". Genius!

Went to go see Pure Reason Revolution play recently and they were mind blowing. If you have the chance then please go see them, you won't be sorry. Or pick up their debut album out this week 'The Dark Third'. After the gig got to meet the super-cool J and the ever so lovely Chloe from the band, and they were totally cool - see me drunkenly mugging with Chloe above (yes my groupie stalker phase is getting out of control!).

Has anyone out there got tickets for Pearl Jam at the Reading festy this year? I HAVE!!!!! This band have been on my wishlist for seeing live forever, so words cannot express how excited I am! Also re-discovering my love for Sponge, mid to late 90's rock band that have long since disbanded... which is a crime. Check out their 2nd album 'Wax Ecstatic', especially the songs 'To Sell Angelina' and 'Velveteen'... to cool for words.

That's it for now, not a long going on right now. Peace and love guys xxx