Monday, February 06, 2006

First Impressions Of Earth

Second album session completed yesterday and, man oh man, is this shaping up to be a beauty? I realise that was a question, so I'll answer it for you: Yes. Yes, oh very much, yes it is!!!!! Actually feels like making an album, with being able to add little bits and nuances to tracks we recorded weeks ago. I know that's what an album recording is, but we've never been in this position before, so let us enjoy it cuz it feels oh-so-good! We have re-recorded 'Filing' as the first pass was a little on the fast side. New version is THA bomb, but we may do something fun with the 1st faster fun cuz it still sounds cool.

The O'Neil's gig was fun, so thank you if you came down. Was a little odd though to finish a gig and not have Gus or Paul there to talk to. Mind you, the very little equipment we had to take was a welcome change (3 acoustics and some leads - easy, we were packed up in 5 minutes). And massive thank you to Geko for inviting us to play, they were sounding better than ever! They're playing The Railway in Winchester on 15th Feb, supporting signed band Lovebites so go check 'em out! We don't have another gig booked yet, to be honest we're more excited about the recording right now. But there will be more shows coming soon.

So, new music since my last post? Arctic Monkeys anyone?... Nah, me neither. I haven't heard the album to be fair, but then I'm not really bothered. Heard their single, was alright, not awful, but overhyped and overplayed (by the way, this only goes for mediocre music, and I'll get to that in a second). Didn't hear their next single.. well, might of done but all songs kind of blur into one blaahhhhhh on the commercial radio these days. Still, best of luck to them, they're young and at least they're not Pete Doherty so that's a tick in their plus column.

Now, new Strokes album anyone? YES PLEASE!!!! Never can I remember a band changing my complete opinion of them with one album. I NEVER liked The Strokes. Not ever. 'Last Night' - boring! '12:51' - most irritating song ever! Heard all this talk of the 3rd album being amazing different and thought 'Nahhhhh, they've only got one sound'. Besides, if you despise a band's first 2 albums then you're not gonna buy into hype about the 3rd are you? Then heard 'Juicebox' and thought 'Wow, they've gone prog! Cool!'. So I bought the album....

It is really quite an amazing rock n roll record. There's maybe 3 songs on there I'm not keen on, but nothing I hated. Best opening 3 songs to an album I can remember. Really quite blown away! This is where we come back to the whole overhyped and overplayed thing. See, The Strokes album was also overhyped, and 'Juicebox' was overplayed, and I hated The Strokes.... but it's GREAT MUSIC!!!! That's the difference, kids.

Anyways, rant over. Look after yourselves out there in cyberspace! xxxxxx