Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alphino RIP...

I'm only mentioning this here as I can't work myspace anymore and our website designer, Jonster, is devoid of internet at the moment.

Yep, after 5 great years, some amazing gigs (and some shit ones), and making an album, me and James have decided to call it a day with Alphino. It's mainly because one night I came home to find James in bed with my mum...

No, only joking!!! We're still good mates, but time was acting against us and we couldn't find the opportunity to practise, let alone gig. It basically stopped being fun.

It's not entirely the end, we may do some odds and sods together in the future, and we still intend to head back in the studio with Robin to record the new material we wrote for the intended 2nd album and bung it on the myspace page for free.

Altogether now... "This is a feeeeeeeeelllinnnggg"