Sunday, November 27, 2005

Come To Where I'm From

Hey kids! Everyone ready for xmas? No? Good show. This season just isn't complete without that last minute dash - trust me, you'll feel cheated if you deny yourself this.

This has been a strange month and no mistake, with the good being very good and the bad being... well, you get the idea. An Aunt of mine passed away recently, after getting very ill very quickly. Very sad time, and it happened when my folks were out of the country, so it was up to me to make that phone call to my dad. Not a happy thing. I guess there's a plan for everyone, so what use can thinking about it too much do?

On the side of niceness, I not only went to see but also MET the truly amazing Martha Wainwright recently (see my goofy face next to her beautiful one above). She was an absolute delight, and after a day of jetting around and playing a gig she gladly stuck around for a couple hours chatting to fans and signing stuff. What a trooper!

Also, and I'm speaking to a select group of people here, but let's not forget the majestic event that is the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! If you're into this then you'll know how awesome it is, if you're not then I'd still say give it a try (I went with a couple friends who detest the books and yet they loved this movie).

Alphino are now officially an acoustic duo again, exactly how we started out. We've gone back to our roots, kids! Myself and James have been furiously writing and demoing (sp?) some really cracking new material and will begin gigging soon. There is a rough plan to play some full-band shows when the other guys are on hols from Uni, so we'll see. But for now from an Alphino show you should expect some gorgeous new acoustic songs, and mad re-workings of old ones - not to mention the greatness mash-up/medley ever contructed!!!! Check the site soon for it's brand new look and content.

Well, gotta go the new episode of Lost (Charlie's the greatest!). Til next time take care of each other xxxx