Monday, August 13, 2007

IANtourage (updated!)

Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday to meeee!!!!!

Yes, you may have thought our little whirlwind of birthday bonanzas was over... not so, gentle reader! For today marks 2 years to the day since I started blogging. Yes, it's my 2-year blogiversary!

And I'm still not any good at it. Hooray! And so, with the absence of any internet prezzies whatsoever to mark this great occasion, I present to you in honour of my new favourite telly show, this truly great gift above.

UPDATE: I was just listening to Michael Giacchino's awesome score for Lost's first season, in particular the gorgeous piece of music after the crash. No word of a lie, this track is called 'Credit Where Credit Is Due'!!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Smith's Happy Time!

Today is momentous occasion, for today I saw Transformers for the 2nd time! Yes, the Hockster and I wheezed and guffawed at those silly Autobots, and gasped and grimaced at the villainous Decepticons. And I got orange fizzy pop!

Also, today I managed to get hold of many lost scores by composer John Ottman (you know his work ('X-Men 2', 'The Usual Suspects', 'Superman Returns'). Some of his early scores were scrapped by silly stupid studio people and were lost into the ether... until now! A great day all round!

Ok, enough stalling. I bet by this point Jon has screamed something along the lines of " Oh come on!". Yes, today also marks the non-birthday Birthday of Si and whatsisface Smith.

Happy Birthday! By the time we read this we're hopefully all drunk and immune/deaf to Jon's incoherent shouting. Or immune/blind to Si's impossible dancing. In honour of your non-birthday I present you with the greatest gift of all... actually that's an overstatement, it's really just a crappy desktop wallpaper I made for tonight (but it's special in a different way).

Hope you enjoy it!